April 8: Gender studies seminar – thinking in terms of climate change (Lund)

Climate change is a pressing issue globally. Yet, how we relate to it differs greatly. In this lecture, I will address climate change from an intersectional perspective, showing how responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions, along with vulnerability to climate-change impacts and influence in decision-making, are unequally distributed along lines of gender, class, race, place, and other intersecting structures of power.

Anna Kaijser finished her PhD at LUCSUS (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies) in 2014, and is now doing postdoctoral research. Her research interests include developing intersectional theory and methodology for analysing environmental problems, politics and movements.

When: April 8, 15:15 to 17:00

Where: Department of Gender Studies, Allhelgona kyrkogata 14M, Room 221