Sunny spring weather predicted this week

After the cool temperatures of the Easter weekend, a week of warmer, spring-like weather is predicted for many parts of the country, along with a healthy dose of sun.

Sunny spring weather predicted this week
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In southern Sweden, temperatures could climb up to 15 degrees during the week.

“There will be a clear change in the weather,” Alexandra Ohlsson, meteorologist at the Swedish weather institute SMHI, told the TT news agency.

“During the Easter weekend, the nights were cold with temperatures below freezing even in the far south. But this week, even the nights will be warmer.”

The mercury is expected to reach 10 degrees in Götaland and Svealand on Monday, and will continue to creep up.

It will be warmer than usual for the beginning of April.

“The weather in April is often variable, and can bring us really pleasant spring-like warmth,” said Ohlsson.

But the coastal areas of Norrbotten in the north down to Medelpad could be hit with snow showers on Monday morning, and the weather service recommends that people driving home from the Easter holiday in this region take it especially easy on the roads.