Swede’s apology to cops after drunken night out

Swede's apology to cops after drunken night out
The apologetic note by a drunken reveller. Photo: Polisen Linköping
A letter to the Swedish police by a regretful reveller has gone viral after the man's colourful apology for his foul behaviour on a drunken night out was posted online.

Last weekend, police in the town of Linköping in central Sweden arrested an inebriated man who had relieved himself at a restaurant's outdoor serving area and, in his own words, made "silly comments".

A fine and a night in the drunk cell was all it took to make the drunken reveller regret the incident and so he scribbled an apologetic note to the officers.

“I just wanted to apologize for my poor behaviour (…) Peeing is something you do in the toilet and no other place. As I said, apologies for my silly comments. Keep up the good police work,” he wrote.

Police officer 'Linus' from the Linköping police force posted a picture of the note on their Facebook page on Monday, which has so far received hundreds of 'likes' and been viewed by thousands of people.

"The apology is accepted and maybe we'll see each other next weekend again, but under better circumstances," said Linus in the Facebook post.

Police press spokesman Thomas Agnevik told The Local on Monday that the force's officers get many letters from people — often from those who are annoyed with their work, but flowers and even cakes from appreciative citizens are also delivered.

“Most people we seize when they're drunk on the weekends are not criminals, but ordinary people who just happen to have had a bit too much to drink. They often get back to us later to thank us for taking care of them. When that happens we feel that we have in a way succeeded in the work we do,” said Agnevik.

The Facebook post is part of Swedish police's new social media strategy to be more visible online. And the Linköping police force's local Facebook page has just passed 90,000 followers, a result the team is happy with.

“When Linus is out working he often gets questions from people like 'are you the Linus who writes on Facebook?' We have been doing this for just over a year and it's a very good way of communicating. We get a lot of questions, reactions and appreciative comments on almost a daily basis,” said Agnevik.

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Posted by Polisen i Linköping on Sunday, April 12, 2015

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