Sex-crazed grouse terrorizes Swedish family

Sex-crazed grouse terrorizes Swedish family
Photo: Nikita Maykov/Shutterstock
A family in Singö in Roslagen have been told they can do nothing about a lovesick, aggressive capercaillie patrolling their property

A lovelorn wood grouse, or capercaillie, behaved so aggressively on Saturday evening that a family in Singö, on the Stockholm archipelago, were unable to leave their house.

But, after alerting the Swedish police, they were told they were not allowed to deal with the angry bird.

According to Stockholm police spokesman, Albin Näverberg, "It's mating season for capercaillie and capercaillie cocks want to be king of the hill and will gladly fight with people. But it's a crazy situation when you can not go out because of a crazy capercaillie. They can't leave their house as the rooster sees man as an opponent, a challenger of its territory. And they have better things to do than to sit inside and watch France and Germany in hockey."

"However, we cannot kill a healthy bird", Näverberg continued. "The police do not shoot crazy birds. The bird will of course move on eventually. It's just that time of the year when they are mad. In the spring, they can be quite dangerous and they even often attack vehicles. They are pretty big and it's not fun to meet a grumpy capercaillie."