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The Local’s top Swedish songs of the month: May

The Local's top Swedish songs of the month: May
Julia Adams. Photo: Gustav Wiking
The Local's music guru, Paul Connolly, has a bumper crop of great new Swedish songs for you to enjoy during these early summer nights.

1. Julia Adams – Allt Jag Nånsin

Julia, who has an English father, was one half of the excitable pop duo Little Marbles. This icily beautiful electro-ballad is her first solo venture.

2. Djurparken – Under

This gloriously strange melange of styles (melodic electro-rap is the closest I can get to a description) is one of our favourite singles of the year so far.

3. Ola Salo – How I Kill

Grand David Bowie-esque pop from the former leader of Swedish glam rock band The Ark.

4. Breakup – Roads to Rome

Breakup are a wildly odd and exciting proposition – one half heartbreaking soul, the other darkly melodic electronica. Cool video too.

5. Love Antell – Barn av Amerika

It's cheesy, of that there's no doubt. But this is a very big tune. The title is Swedish for 'Child of America'.

6. Lykke Li – Never Gonna Love Again

This is just exquisite. Johnny Cash reborn as sad Swedish popstrel.

7. Ulrik Munther – Nån Gång

If Munther was British he would be a global star. This is infectious, inventive and emotional pop of the very highest order.

8. Ji Nilsson – I’m Her

I love that this video seems to have cost about 200 SEK because it makes you concentrate on the song and the performance. And they're both really worth your time.

9. Rasmus Faber feat. Frida Sundemo – Hideaway

Regular readers will know that I am in love with Frida Sundemo's voice – so here's her latest collaboration with Rasmus Faber. Dreamy summer bliss.

10. Merely – Scandinavia

Another magnificently melancholic ballad from one of Swedish pop's most interesting characters Kristina Florell, AKA Merely.

11. Kastrup – Thieves

A big-boned, muscular alt-pop anthem in the vein of Keane and Kodaline with a rumbustious chorus.

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