Builders dig up guns at Gothenburg preschool

Builders dig up guns at Gothenburg preschool
Not the playground in this story. Photo: TT
A bag of guns has been unearthed by construction workers digging up a preschool playground in west Sweden.

Officers were called to the preschool in the Västra Frölunda area of the city on Thursday, according to reports in the Swedish media.

They discovered five guns in bag that had been buried beneath a building right next to the kindergarten’s playground.

"The bag is said to have been stowed away in the foundations of an old building being torn down,” Christer Fuxborg, a spokesperson for the region’s police force told Swedish newspaper GT.

He added that officers had since seized the bag, which contained a shot gun and four other unidentified weapons.

Fuxborg said officers would investigate whether or not the weapons could be linked to any ongoing criminal investigations. But he said that there was currently no suspect in the case.

Construction work at the preschool continued on Thursday afternoon, GT reported.

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It is not the first time that illegal weapons have been found on school property in the city.

Last year, secondary school pupils found a Kalashnikov while they were taking part in an art project.

Gothenburg has a long history of gun crime but while there have been dozens of shootings involving criminal gangs in recent years, fatalities are relatively rare.

However, the city made global headlines after two people died in a gun attack outside a restaurant.

“Today, the gang environment is… I don't want to exactly call it the Wild West, but something in that direction,” Amir Rostami, a leading authority on Sweden's organized crime groups told The Local last month.

Last year woman in southern Sweden grabbed global headlines after stumbling upon scores of skulls and human bones inside Ikea bags in a church.