Drone briefly shuts down Stockholm airport

A small civilian drone on Saturday entered the Stockholm airspace, forcing authorities to briefly halt all commercial traffic at Bromma airport. Travellers were less than amused by the incident, aiming their angry tweets directly at the person flying the drone.

Drone briefly shuts down Stockholm airport
"Cut it out!" angry travellers tweeted. Photo: Jae C Hong/AP/TT

For more than half an hour, air traffic at Bromma came to a complete standstill on Saturday after a person had flown a drone into the airspace reserved for the airport. It was the third time that such tiny remote-controlled aircraft prompted the airport to close its traffic.

“To the person flying the drone over Bromma airport, can you please cut it out!,” Swedish comedian Magnus Betnér tweeted angrily, adding he was in a rush to get home to celebrate his child’s birthday.

Madeleine Sjöstedt, Liberal People’s Party politician was equally annoyed, tweeting:

“The person who lives in Bromma and who is playing with a drone, please stop it at once. The Bromma airport is at a standstill.”

Swedavia, the state-owned operator of the airport, immediately reported the incident to police which tracked the drone’s owner to a park some four kilometres away. It was not immediately clear whether the person had been arrested or not.

He or she could now face charges for jeopardising air safety.

According to Swedish law, a permit is required to operate a drone. But on top of that, extra permits are required in order to enter controlled flying zones, such as that over Bromma airport.