Is this Sweden’s cheapest house?

Is this Sweden’s cheapest house?
The house is located right by the village square. Photo: Fastighetsbyrån i Eksjö
A charming late 19th century house located in the centre of the small southern village of Ingatorp has come up for sale at a cost of just one month’s salary, possibly making it Sweden’s cheapest house.

The spacious house, which used to serve as a hat shop, covers 400 square metres and is up for sale for just 30,000 kronor (€3,240).

“About a month’s salary,” Roger Karlsson, the real estate agent selling the house told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

In comparison, just one square metre in the capital Stockholm now sells for an average of about 80,000 kronor.

The house is located by the Ingatorp village square and includes both a glass veranda and all the hats left behind by the former shop owner.

“It’s located well, right by the square. There’s both a skiing slope, a newly opened café and a grocery shop nearby, but no bank.”

But, Karlsson warned, the new owner would need to be able to renovate it.

“It’s an incredibly beautiful house, but it’s more for someone who is prepared to take on a project,” he said.

Since posting the real estate ad on Facebook just a few days ago, Karlsson, who works at Fastighetsbyrån i Eksjö, said his phone has been ringing off the hook.

“Only today between 60 and 70 people have called about it.”