May 7 – May 19: Gothenburg Tech Week (Göteborg)

#gbgtech is Gothenburg's Tech and Startup Community. The community exist to position Gothenburg as an attractive tech- and startup-commuity in Scandinavia by promoting communication and interaction. No one is in charge of the community, it is built by the organizations and persons that are a part of it.

So who is a part of #gbgtech?
Everyone who consider themselves to within tech, startup, or tech and startup, but also you who are curious about the community or believe in empowering it. You don't have to join, you are already a part of it!

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What is #gbgtechWeek?

In order to spread the knowledge and awareness about the living tech and startup community in Gothenburg, #gbgtechWeek is taking place. During about one week, several diverse and inspiring events will be hosted for the public in Gothenburg. 

When: Events from May 7th to May 19th, see schedule here

Where: Various locations in Gothenburg, see here