Stockholm metro card could cost 900kr a month

Stockholm metro card could cost 900kr a month
A travel card like this could be about to leave a bigger hole in the pockets of Stockholm commuters. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
Shocked commuters in Sweden's capital awoke on Monday to the news that Stockholm’s four centre-right Alliance parties are pushing for a major price hike for a monthly travel card.

If the Alliance gets its way, a monthly card will cost Stockholmers 900 kronor ($109) from September, an increase of 110 kronor on today’s cost, Svenska Dagbladet reports

The price rise will be used to cover a budget shortfall of half a billion kronor, the newspaper said after learning of the Alliance's plan for funding the public transport company SL. 

The proposal is expected to be made public later this week. 

The four parties are reported to prefer this idea — of commuters bridging the budget gap — to the alternative of raising council taxes across the board. 

But concerned commuters don’t have to panic just yet: the Alliance could see its plans scuppered if the four other parties on the council — the Social Democrats, Left Party, Green Party and Sweden Democrats — decide to vote against the proposal.