Lisa Holm murder

Police search new area after schoolgirl murder

Police search new area after schoolgirl murder
Lisa Holm (left) and flowers left outside a church in Skövde. Photos: TT
Two suspects, believed to be brothers, are being questioned over the murder of Swedish teenager Lisa Holm as police search a new area close to where her body was found.
Police looking into the murder of Lisa Holm, 17, who disappeared a week ago and was found dead on Friday, sealed off a new area of the ridge where her body was found on Monday, as they continued their investigations into the killing.
Meanwhile officers are continuing to question two men in their thirties who are suspected of murdering the teenager, with Swedish media reporting that the pair are brothers. A woman who was also arrested on suspicion of harbouring a criminal has written on her Facebook page that she is married to one of the men.
Forensic teams are carrying out tests on the teenager's body, with results expected in three to four weeks.
A memorial was held in the schoolgirl's home town in central Sweden on Sunday night.
Many of the teenager's classmates were seen sobbing in St Helena church in Skövde, north east of Gothenburg, on Sunday night.
Friends and teachers were among those who spoke during the memorial, while dozens of pupils lit candles and left flowers for the cafe worker, who disappeared after a shift in nearby Lidköping on Sunday June 17th and was found dead five days later.
“I think it was very atmospheric,” Karin Långström Vinge, the priest who led the service told the TT news agency.
“It was clear that people were sad…crying. There were many young people,” she said.
Eril Bryskhe, a pastor at a neighbouring church in Götene who was also at the memorial, added: “It's awfully sad, but it's good that a body has been found. We had a case in Mariestad twenty years ago, 'Helena's case', where no one ever found a body.”
On the Facebook page for regional police force Östra Skaraborg, a staff member wrote that the case had touched officers, with one seen “shaking and crying behind an outbuilding” and a police dog handler “burying his face into the dog's fur” when the news emerged on Friday that the teenager's body had been found.
More than 7,000 people disappear in Sweden every year, according to the charity Missing People, but the search for Lisa Holm was the biggest in recent years and captured high media attention.
Around 900 volunteers joined the hunt for the teenager, searching woodland, fields and buildings in the region.