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Outsourcing drives Apreel’s Europe growth

Outsourcing drives Apreel's Europe growth
In the last decade outsourcing and 'nearshoring' have evolved from being more than just buzzwords. Maciej Jonczyk explains how his company, Apreel, has ridden the wave to success.
In the last decade outsourcing and the more recent phenomenon of 'nearshoring' have evolved from being buzzwords to dominant business practices.
The idea of delegating tasks and functions to companies specializing in those fields is long established in fields such as advertising and finance. But more recently, as every company has intensified its search for electronic solutions supporting manufacturing, customer service or analytical processes, outsourcing has particularly dominated the IT industry.
It was this trend, combined with the trade benefits of Poland’s membership of the European Union, which prompted the creation of Apreel in 2010.
The company's mission was to develop software and provide consulting services in the field of IT – but with a very specific territorial scope:
“Nearshoring has been the direction of our development from the very beginning,” explains Maciej Jonczyk, president of Apreel.
Apreel has been offering software creation, development and maintenance from day one, specializing in transaction applications supporting direct sales networks and self-service solutions. As the demand for mobile solutions increased, the company expanded its offer by the development of dedicated platforms for this type of devices.
The wide range of services offered by Apreel to foreign companies – and existing client relationships in the insurance, banking and telecommunications sectors – translated into increased interest from foreign entrepreneurs.
“European Union companies are our natural partners, which we provide with strong support as regards IT services. We are ahead of the competition in the region due to relatively lower prices,” says Jonczyk.
The company's financial results show that the owners have hit the bull's eye. During the four years of company operation, turnover has grown 100% year-on-year. According to Maciej Jonczyk, the nearshoring approach has been key.
“Through frequent meetings with the client, facilitated by geographical proximity, we eliminate the chances of misunderstanding the client's needs,” he says.
The majority of Apreel’s clients have handed over much, or even all, of their internal IT operations to Apreel. This, says Jonczyk, has allowed them to reduce operating costs and free up resources for core activities.
“Nearshoring isn’t just for large corporations which have already established a market position. The benefits it offers smaller companies are potentially decisive in their growth journey,” he concludes.
Apreel in numbers
Apreel currently employs 95 specialists: project and programme managers, analysts, IT architects, designers, programmers and testers.
Apreel currently has 90 permanent contracts, including those with very well-known and large European companies. Clients include Control€xpert GmbH, Justinguitar Ltd., AXA Polska, Talanx, Commerzbank, Allianz, mBank Group, Pramerica, AIG Europe, ING,, Bank Millennium, Bank DnB Nord, eService  S.A., ITI Neovision, Netia, Cyfrowy Polsat, CapGemini, Ernst & Young, First Data Polska or Arvato Systems GmbH.
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