Malmö Muslims celebrate end of Ramadan

Muslims in Malmö marked Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that signals the end of the holy month of Ramadan, with a festival in Folkets Park on Saturday. Hundreds of Malmö residents celebrated with music, food and dancing.

Malmö Muslims celebrate end of Ramadan
Dancing in Malmö's Folkets Park on Saturday. Photo: TT

In Malmö on Saturday, for the fourth year in a row, the Muslim community threw a party. After a month of fasting, the three-day holiday of Eid al-Fitr is a time when Muslims exchange gifts, get together with family and friends and throw elaborate celebrations.

The weather cooperated and festival goers could enjoy the sun as well as music, a circus area, stand-up comedy and, of course, lots of food.

“It’s fun to have a party for Muslims,” said 10-year-old Ayaan Abdullahi Bashir, who like many of the children at the festival tried her hand at being a firefighter, getting some help from a professional in handling the high-pressure water hose.

“We live in a multicultural society, and we need to have places were we can all meet one another,” said festival director Andreas Hasslert from the Ibn Rushd Association. “This is our way of inviting everyone to a big community festival. It’s full of people, both Muslims and non-Muslims. All countries are represented here and everyone’s welcome.”

Fatima Kachroudi applied henna designs on hands and arms. 

All photos: TT