Few EU migrant attacks lead to prosecution

Few EU migrant attacks lead to prosecution
A homeless EU migrant. File photo: TT
Attacks against EU migrants and their habitats are increasing in Sweden, but few lead to prosecutions, according to police and voluntary organizations.

According to a survey of the 25 most serious attacks against EU migrants reported to police since 2014, conducted by Swedish magazine Expo, only five of the attacks led to prosecution.

Attacks include arson, suspected cases of abuse and violence and attacks against sleeping people.

Many of the attacks are suspected of being racially motivated.

According to the survey, which was published in July, there have been at least 76 attacks against beggars in the last 18 months.

On Thursday police launched an investigation after shots were fired at two homeless EU migrants sleeping in a car in Boden, northern Sweden. No one was injured.

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And two months ago, two people were assaulted in central Stockholm by a passerby throwing acid at them. Two weeks earlier a beggar was targeted with a firecracker.

Thousands of EU migrants are estimated to have travelled to Sweden in recent years, with one recent study suggesting the number has doubled to 4000 people over the past 12 months.

Most of them are members of the Roma community – one of the EU's largest minority groups – and arrive as EU tourists under the right to Freedom of Movement. Many live in tents or caravans and make a living by asking passersby for money outside shops and underground stations.