Moped drivers joyride through Gothenburg

Moped drivers joyride through Gothenburg
A group of moped and motorcycle riders got a little out of control on Saturday. Photo: TT
A large group of moped and motorcycle drivers gave Gothenburg residents a scare on Saturday. They went on a joyride through city streets, going against traffic, running red lights and driving up on sidewalks.

Around 400 drivers gathered on Saturday in central Gothenburg to travel together to Partille, northeast of the centre, according to the website

“We got a tip that there was going to be a group moped ride in the city. It sounded quite nice at the beginning,” said Lars-Gunnar Gustavsson of the Västra Götaland police.

But then, he added, things got out of control and the police began to be bombarded with calls from worried residents, who said the moped drivers were causing chaos on city streets.

“They drove against red lights, zigzagged between cars and drove on the freeways,” Gustavsson added. “I was infuriated and sent cars out after them.”

Many drivers were stopped and fined for negligence on the road and other traffic offences.

In the end, the police were able to break up the group and no one was injured.

“They drove like idiots, to put it mildly,” said police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg.