Two metre long python stops traffic in Malmö

An Indian python appeared to fall out of a moving car in Malmö on Wednesday morning. Police say it's unclear if it's the same animal that was spotted in a park in July or another notorious snake that's twice been lost and found in the area.

Two metre long python stops traffic in Malmö
A python like this one was found on Wednesday. Photo: TT/AP/J Pat Carter
The snake was spotted by a car driver who saw it “suddenly fall out of the car and on to the road”, said Linda Pleyn, a press spokesperson for Skåne's regional police force.
Police officers were called to the scene and took the animal to Malmö Reptile Centre, in Folkets Park, a large green space in Malmö.
“Now it is in good hands and we will see if it is possible to find out who was the owner,” Pleyn explained to The Local.
Joakim Bokblad, a snake expert who works at the reptile centre told the TT news agency that the details of what had happened remained slippery.
“I have difficulty seeing how it could have got out of the car [of its own accord]. On the other hand I have difficulty understanding how someone might throw a snake from a car window,” he said.
News of the Indian python's discovery comes in the wake of several other snake sightings that have rattled Malmö residents.
A week ago a 2.5-metre-long snake that escaped twice in one week was discovered. Police said that it was unclear whether or not the animal that stopped traffic on Wednesday could be the same snake.
In July, what is thought to have been a different python went on the slither in Pildammsparken, another park in Malmö.
Asked what the police made of their sudden increase in reptile-related work, Pleyn responded: “All I can say is yes, we have had a lot to do with snakes. We don't know if it's the same snakes. But we will see what we can find out.”
Last month a suspicious snake was also captured in the Swedish capital after a passer-by spotted it as it slithered down Ringvägen, a main road on Stockholm's Södermalm island.