Swede’s review of night in drunk tank goes viral

A Swedish deputy police boss has told The Local that a reveller is welcome to stay in touch – after the man's colourful review of his overnight stay in the drunk tank went viral.

Swede's review of night in drunk tank goes viral
Generic file picture of a Swedish police station. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

You know how you sign the guest book when you check out from a hotel? A Swedish reveller captured headlines on Tuesday after he took the practice to the next level – by sending an unusual email to staff in the Västerbotten region after spending the night in Umeå police station's drunk cell.

“I had the honour of spending the night at your establishment yesterday due to self-inflicted intake of far too great an amount of intoxicating beverages,” he wrote.

The visitor has now become somewhat of an anonymous celebrity in Sweden after his message was published on Twitter by regional deputy police chief Micael Säll Lindahl.

“I laughed when I saw it. He clearly has a sense of humour considering the way he had worded it. We do get a lot of emails, both positive and negative, but they are usually not this funny,” the police boss told The Local on Tuesday.

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In the email – which is written in the style of a TripAdvisor hotel review – the man goes on to rate his one-night stay at the police station in northern Sweden by advising officers to revamp the ventilation system in the drunk cell.

“The people who come into our care are often people who feel rather unwell and with not as good a control of their bodily functions as normal, so yes, it does smell slightly worse than in your average residential building,” admitted Säll Lindahl.

“But at least it's fair in that they only have to spend a few hours there – we have to be there all the time, so it's worse for us!”

The man also suggests that the police station invest in a coffee machine to help “residents” get off to a good start the morning after, with the explanation: “One has a tendency to be a little bit cranky in the wee hours.”

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But at least he ends the review on a positive note, writing: “Three stars out of five. Would go again.”

And Säll Lindahl says that although he hopes the man will not feel the need to return, he is welcome back if it should come to that. But he cannot promise that the station will heed their visitor's advice.

“We don't serve coffee but survival. People should be treated well when they are here but they should not feel like they want to come back – that's kind of the business idea,” he told The Local.

“But at least he is funny, so he is very welcome to send more emails.”