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International students welcomed to Stockholm

International students welcomed to Stockholm
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Thousands of international students will be arriving in Stockholm this weekend, beginning studies in Sweden’s capital. The students will be greeted at the airport by guides and free buses into the city.

Each year more than 5,000 international students and researchers from more than 60 countries choose to study in Stockholm, drawn to one of the city's 18 different universities and university colleges.

“The first meeting with Stockholm is very important for them,” says Maria Fogelström Kylberg, Director of the Stockholm Academic Forum (Staf).

“Generally they have travelled far, and for some of them this is their first time abroad. They appreciate having someone to turn to with their questions.”

In order to give the students a warm welcome and create a good first impression of Stockholm, the member schools of Stockholm Academic Forum have planned a proper welcome reception for those arriving at both the Arlanda and Skavsta airports.

During three days, August 22 – 24, the students will be taken care of by guides from several different universities in Stockholm.

The Royal Institute of Technology. Photo: Jann Lipka.

All students will also be offered free bus transfer from the airport to Östra Station/KTH, or to Stockholm University. Onboard the bus, guides will offer an introduction of their new hometown Stockholm, and what it offers for students.

The guided trip into Stockholm is organized by Staf in collaboration with Stockholm Business Region.

“Through the guides at Arlanda and during the bus trip in to Stockholm, we hope that the newly arrived students will feel welcomed warmly to their new hometown,” Fogelström Kylberg says.

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