Preview: World Water Week in Stockholm

Did you know Stockholm is home to the annual World Water Week event? And this year is the 25th jubilee. With the theme of "Water for Development", more than 3,000 individuals from 140 countries are expected to participate in the event.

Preview: World Water Week in Stockholm

World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues, and is organised by SIWI

Experts, practitioners, decision-makers, business innovators and young professionals from a range of sectors and countries come to Stockholm to network, exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions to the most pressing water-related challenges of today.

So why is it such a big deal – and which events should you be aware of? SI News has compiled a list of several of the most interesting events during the week, day by day.

Register here. Student prices are 1900 SEK for the entire week, or 600 SEK for a one-day pass.


Young Professionals Mingle

Are you under 35? Do you like to network? Start off the Week with a drink at the Young Professionals’ Mingle and take the opportunity to meet other young professionals in an informal setting!


Opening plenary

In 2015, World Water Week in Stockholm celebrates its 25th anniversary. The official opening ceremony will appreciate our common achievements and discuss how we best should address the challenges ahead, in the next 25 years. Speakers will reflect upon the importance of water for sustainable development, what it implies, and demands, from the global community.

How to provide water and sanitation for millions of refugees?

In 2013 more than 10 million individuals were displaced due to conflict or persecution. About 3.3 million individuals were displaced just from Syria into the neighbouring countries. The massive immigration increased the pressure to supply an increased number of immigrants with potable water and basic sanitation.

Climate change and political insecurity

This side event will gather Climate Change and Water experts as well as government representatives e.g. Ministry of Defense, Armed forces and Foreign Ministry to discuss the possible impact of climate change on political instability and armed conflicts.

Key questions that will be addressed:
– What is the significance of climate change compared to political, economic and geographic factors as a risk and driving factor of political instability?
– How can climate change risks be mitigated and potential conflict areas identified at an early stage?

Photo: Mikael Ullén


Vision Speaker: Catarina de Albuquerque

“The journey towards realizing the human rights to water and sanitation”

Come hear the first UN Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation and currently the Executive Chair of the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership, Ms. Catarina de Albuquerque, talk about the past, the present and the future. Hear her talk about how we make sure that we find the best solutions, policies and approaches, as we move forward with the Post 2015 development agenda. How do we ensure water and sanitation for all and eliminate inequalities? If we find a way to align current international processes with human rights, we can change the future.

Eye on Asia: Taking Actions for a Water Secure Asia

The 21st Century is called the Asian century, as clearly demonstrated with its rising share of global output while lifting millions out of poverty. If Asia maintains its current trajectory it will double its share of global GDP to 52% by 2050. Over 75% of Asia is water insecure, which if left unmanaged poses a real threat to its continued growth. The seminar will introduce an index approach to water security (AWDO) to assess challenges and work towards solutions through integrated approaches to manage and use water resources efficiently to sustain Asia’s economic advances. 

Stockholm Junior Water Prize Award Ceremony

Stockholm Junior Water Prize will bring together some of the world’s brightest young minds. Each year, thousands of students from all over the globe enter national competitions in the hope of making it to the international final in Stockholm. The competition aims to encourage young people’s interest in water and the environment.

The royal award ceremony will be held at the Grand Hôtel in the precence of HRH Crown Princess Victoria. A formal dinner with entertainment will be served in the elegant setting of the winter garden. (Price: 1,500 SEK)


Rainwater – Sky’s the limit! Stockholm Water Prize Seminar 2015

Celebrating its 25th year, Stockholm Water Prize is the world’s most prominent award for outstanding water achievements.

The Seminar is held in the presence of HM The King and HRH the Crown Princess of Sweden, please be in time.

Water is undoubtedly one of the most precious productive resources on our planet. It is by necessity used on a daily basis by everyone for almost everything. Unfortunately, water is also one of the most destructive forces affecting our lives. Of the US$2.5 trillion in economic losses from disasters so far this century – 70% relate to floods and droughts. Billions of people across the globe have been killed or had their livelihoods destroyed by extreme water events.

Irrespective of increasing demand for and variability of water, the limits to our growth is ultimately set by water from the sky, the rain.

Stockholm Water Prize Award Ceremony and Royal Banquet

The Stockholm Water Prize Award Ceremony will be held in the beautiful Stockholm City Hall. H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf is the patron of the prize and will personally present it during the ceremony. The following Royal Banquet will bring together 700 highly esteemed guests. The Royal Couple’s presence, the exclusive entertainment and the beautiful interiors of the Stockholm City Hall will make this event both glamorous and unforgettable. (Price: 3,000SEK)

A picture from the ceremony in 2013. Photo: Cecilia Östberg, Exray


Vision Speaker: Hope Mwanake “Think big, start small and start now!”

Come hear one of Africa’s most inspiring entrepreneurs Ms Hope Mwanake, talk about her journey to create her unique organisation and her visions for the future.

Hear her talk about how her experiences from working with her youth led community based organisation, Trace Kenya that is dedicated to the empowerment and development of young people. Focusing especially on rural areas through grass root action. Come and be inspired to contribute to making a positive change.

Special Event: Climate Change Panel with the Guardian

Welcome to this special event with World Water Week Media Partner, the Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network (GDPN), in collaboration with SIWI, and supported by FEMSA Foundation.

What more can governments, businesses, and NGOs do to get water issues on the climate agenda?

Considering the water-related impacts of climate change, we must ask – why are water issues not at the top of the global climate agenda? Post COP21, how can we help to ensure the water-related recommendations will be integrated at a national level?


Closing plenary

The dialogue in the closing plenary will help tie together discussions from the week. Speakers of the closing plenary will be invited to consider the role sustainable water resources management will play in the achievement of coherent, efficient implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the anticipated new global climate agreement.

Speakers will discuss to which they provide building blocks for fair, safe and resilient societies. Further, speakers will be invited to discuss how to adequately address water related challenges in the decision on the Post 2015 development agenda and in the anticipated new climate agreement.