‘Lonely’ billionaire: I was having a bad day

A Swedish gaming billionaire who made global headlines after complaining of loneliness, has apologized to people with "real problems".

'Lonely' billionaire: I was having a bad day
Markus Persson created the hit game Minecraft. Photo: TT

Last week Minecraft founder Markus Persson caught the attention of the world media when he published a series of tweets in which he said he felt isolated.

Several of Persson's followers responded with messages of support, with several offering to meet with him and offering suggestions.

But while Persson was thankful for the support, he reacted angrily when his tweets made international headlines.

He suggested that people should focus their attention on those with “real problems”.

When Persson's backlash in turn made headlines he once again took to the social network to vent his frustration.

Persson’s comments come almost a year after the computer programmer sold Mojang, the Swedish company behind Minecraft, for $2.5 billion (17.9 billion kronor).

Speaking at the time, the Persson, also known as Notch in the gaming community, explained that he wasn't into game-making for the fame.

“I don’t make games with the intention of them becoming huge hits, and I don’t try to change the world,” he wrote in a statement.

“I’ve become a symbol. I don’t want to be a symbol, responsible for something huge that I don’t understand,” he added. “I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m not a CEO. I’m a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter.”

Persson added that he plans to go back to conducting small web experiments.

“If I ever accidentally make something that seems to gain traction, I’ll probably abandon it immediately,” he wrote, adding that the sale wasn't about the money, rather about his sanity.

Last December the billionaire reportedly outbid the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce with his half billion kronor offer ($70 million) for a 2,000-square-metre Beverly Hills mansion.