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The Local’s top Swedish songs for September

The Local's top Swedish songs for September
Swedish singer Noonie Bao embracing the autumn. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
The Local's music guru, Paul Connolly, has picked out Sweden's eight best new tracks to help ease you into autumn.

1. Loreen – I’m In It With You

The 2012 Eurovision winner is still making lush, melodramatic pop music and this might be her best song since Euphoria.

2. NHGT – Redefine

The debut single from NGHT (Jens Andersson and Mikael Jepson, formerly of The Ark) conjures up New Order and early techno but has a snappy pop sensibility too.

3. The Royal Concept

Fashion This Stockholm band are clearly familiar with the work of the Rolling Stones and Reef. A big, big chorus too.

4. Elin Rigby – A Friend With A Car

Just as the nights shorten and autumn approaches, here comes the perfect soundtrack for long summer days. Elin Rigby’s timing may be suspect but this dreamy, electro-pop still shimmers beautifully.

5. John De Sohn – Rush ft Violet Days

Adrenalised electronic dance with just a hint of raw pop edge. This’ll get you going in the mornings.

6. Leon – Nobody Cares

Tove Lo’s almost alarmingly confessional pop has infected this deceptively breezy slice of summer pop – the chorus will soon lodge in your head like a giant hook.

7. Noonie Bao – Pyramids

Noonie Bao, one of Sweden’s more interesting pop stars, here channels Sweden’s most famous pop stars – Pyramids has a golden chorus that rings with the vocal clarity of Abba.

8. Cape Lion – Oh Girl

This has been the month of great choruses – Cape Lion offer us another gigantic earworm.

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