Swede arrested for drink driving on lawn mower

Swede arrested for drink driving on lawn mower
The mower man pictured above is not the man in the story. Photo: TT
A 32-year-old Swede was arrested for riding a lawn mower while inebriated, Swedish police said on Wednesday.
The man was arrested at the wheel of his lawn mower in his yard in Uddnas, near Örebro in central Sweden, a police spokesman told news agency AFP.
“We were called by witnesses who saw him driving visibly drunk both in his yard and in the neighbourhood,” he said.
The man was taken to the police station where a breathalyzer test showed he had consumed more than seven times the legal limit of alcohol.
A prosecutor was looking into the case.
It was not yet known whether the individual would face charges, a fine or a warning, the police spokesman said.