Refugee crisis

‘Don’t throw refugees off Sweden’s trains’

'Don't throw refugees off Sweden's trains'
Photo: Hofres, via Wikimedia
Refugees who board a train and do not have enough money for the entire journey will not be thrown off the train, according to to an internal e-mail from Sweden’s state-owned train operator, SJ.

“We will not force any refugees to get off a train,” SJ's communications director Monica Berglund said in an e-mail to employees. 

“If in doubt, let them stay on,” the e-mail continued. “In the current circumstances, where many people are in difficulties, it is better if we show our humanitarian side.”

According to Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, most SJ employees reacted positively to the e-mail.

“It is good because we now have the tools to act – it takes away the uncertainty when faced with such a situation,” said one.

SJ is laying on extra trains from Malmö to Stockholm over the weekend to accommodate the influx of refugees.

Sweden, one of many European countries struggling with the worst migration crisis since World War Two, has become a top EU destination for refugees by issuing permanent residency to all Syrian asylum seekers.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven meanwhile has called for Sweden’s entire public sector to unite to ensure the swift resettlement of the latest influx of refugees