Swede risks jail for drunk driving golf buggy

Swede risks jail for drunk driving golf buggy
Not the pensioner or golf cart mentioned in this article. Photo: Gerald Herbert/TT
A Swedish pensioner has been told he could be imprisoned after being caught driving a golf buggy while drunk twice in one night by police on the west coast of Sweden.
The 65-year-old told a Swedish court on Thursday that he did not actually play golf. But he admitted that he had got behind the wheel of the buggy after drinking with his family and a group of guests back in early July.
According to reports in regional newspaper Hallands Posten, the court heard how the man had first attempted to make a 700 metre journey just before midnight, but was stopped by police who ordered him to take a breathalyser test.
After returning home, the man then said he returned to the golf buggy two hours later because he was embarrassed it was badly parked, only for officers to turn up at that exact moment.
The court also heard that the buggy had been a gift from the man's father, with the pensioner explaining that he had rarely used it in the past.
The suspect – who has not been named by Swedish media – told the court: “I bitterly regret it”.
But he added: “I cannot ask for forgiveness because I have already been so hellishly stupid.”
He was found guilty of two cases of drunk driving and two counts of unlawful driving, since he did not have a licence for the golf cart. 
Hallands Posten reported that the prosecutor said he could either face jail or suspended sentence combined with community service.
A court judgement will be made next week.
The pensioner is not the first person to make headlines for using a golf cart inappropriately in Sweden. Back in 2007 Hollywood movie star Bill Murray was stopped by police in Stockholm, after being caught driving a golf cart from an upmarket nightclub to his city centre hotel.