Swedish politician attacked by ‘cute’ weasel

Swedish politician attacked by ‘cute’ weasel
A weasel unconnected to the incident. Photo: TT
Moderate Party councillor, Annika Tännström, was out jogging on Friday just outside Kungälv, north of Gothenburg, when she was attacked by a weasel.

Tännström often jogs in Staby outside Kungälv. She has seen deer, moose and foxes during her runs, but on Friday she saw something different.

“I have a loop that goes through the village and the forest,” Tännström told Swedish newspaper Expressen.

“At one point I saw a small brown head looking up from a ditch. I thought it was a vole or a mouse and did not want to scare it. So I stood still, hoping to take a picture of it with my phone. But it was a weasel and instead of being scared and running across the road, it ran up to me and began to bite me in the leg.”

“I thought it was great fun and was not afraid at all. It was so sweet. You can not be afraid of something so cute, even if it is a ferocious predator that attacks,” Tännström said.

“But then I said ‘now you can let go, now I have to run on,’ and then it hurried on into the forest and disappeared. I must admit that I felt a bit silly that I was talking to a weasel in the forest, but what can you do?”

Tännström is not the only Swede to face a surprise animal attack in 2015.

In March a man was bitten by a beaver at a bus stop in Tyresö, south of Stockholm.

Meanwhile in August a Swedish man spoke about his close brush with death when a bear he believed he had killed lunged up and launched a violent attack on the first day of Sweden's annual cull.