Stunning Northern Lights dazzle Swedish skies

Stunning Northern Lights dazzle Swedish skies
The Northern Lights above Stockholm. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Swedes captured breathtaking snaps of the Northern Lights as the spectacular weather wonder lit up skies across the country on Wednesday night.

The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, are a famous feature of Scandinavian autumn and winter nights but they can prove difficult to spot.

It is usually only visible in northern parts of the Nordic country, but on Wednesday night sky gazers as far south as Malmö reported seeing the spectacle, according to regional newspaper Sydsvenskan.

The Northern Lights above Frösön in northern Sweden. Photo: Jojanneke van der Ham-Kraaykamp

“I just spoke to flight control in Jönköping and they had seen a little bit of the Northern Lights there,” Jesper Blomster, meteorologist at Swedish weather institute SMHI, told the TT news agency late on Wednesday.

The phenomenon has been described as nature's own disco and tourism based around the natural light show is increasing in Sweden.

And as the Swedish nights grow colder and darker, the chance of spotting the dancing lights on the horizon increases.

The Northern Lights are usually most common before midnight with the most intensive part typically lasting less than ten minutes.


Northen lights tonight in Stockholm/Norrsken i kväll över Stockholm. 7/10-2015 Photo: Ola Ericson

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