Euro 2016

‘Liechtenstein is like a woman who can’t dance’

'Liechtenstein is like a woman who can’t dance'
The Swedish team is preparing to dance with Liechtenstein ahead of Friday’s clash. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT
As Sweden gears up to take on Liechtenstein in Friday’s crucial qualifier for the 2016 European Championships, Swedish coach Erik Hamrén has looked to other disciplines to ensure his team will walk away with the much-needed three-point win. Apparently, Liechtenstein can’t dance.

“Liechtenstein is like a woman that you have to dance with but who doesn’t like to dance. You have to put a lot of effort into the footwork to get the dance going,” Hamrén was quoted as telling Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet ahead of Friday’s clash in Vaduz.

On the back of last month’s loss to Austria, winning the match is crucial for Sweden in order to keep its ticket for next summer’s European Championships in France.

But although Sweden beat Liechtenstein 2-0 in last year’s qualifier in Stockholm, Hamrén said it will be no easy match.   

“I have a lot of respect for Liechtenstein,” he said. “We need to have patience. If we have the quality as well as the discipline when we lose the ball, we’ll win this match,” he said.

Liechtenstein coach Rene Pauritch, on the other hand, has noted that Sweden has performed weaker than usual lately. Something that his own team might benefit from.

“I’m surprised that Sweden is having problems,” he told tabloid Expressen, referring to the loss against Austria.

“When we met Sweden the last time, it was a good team without Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Now he has played on the team, but despite that, it’s had problems and it’s different compared to what it was before,” he said.

He noted, however, that the pressure on the Swedes to win will make it an especially tough clash.

“Sweden needs to get three points against us and it is hard-pressed to do so. That will pose a problem for us, even if our best match in this qualifying round has been against Sweden,” he said.

Striker Ibrahimovic will be spearheading tonight's Sweden line-up.

On Monday, Sweden will face Moldova on home turf in Stockholm.