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Five retro spots to time hop in Sweden this week

Five retro spots to time hop in Sweden this week
Fancy Lindy hopping back to the 1930s? Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT
As the world celebrates the 80s Back to the Future 2 movie, set in October 2015, here are five fun retro places where you can experience a blast from the past, as well as our usual interactive guide to the best events and activities across Sweden.
1. 80s: Funk Club Session, Scandic Grand Central, Stockholm
US drummer James Bradley Junior toured with R&B superstar Anita Baker in the 80s, before performing alongside the Beastie Boys and Lenny Kravitz a decade later. He's appearing in Stockholm on October 23rd with pianist Karim Nourira, with the duo promising a mash-up of funk, acid house and soul music. Entry is free.
Inside the venue for the funk night. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT
2. 70s: Abba museum, Djurgården, Stockholm
The Swedish capital's Abba museum is the best place in the country to get a slice of 1970s pop. Not only can you check out memorabilia from the iconic band's history, you can also join a virtual version of the band on stage and record your own single. It's open until 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday nights until December 14th, but closing at 6pm between October 26th – November 1st, so get your disco shoes on sharp. Adult tickets cost 195 kronor.

Stockholm's Abba museum. Photo: Nora Lorek/TT
3. 60s: Malmö on fire, Moderna Museet, Malmö
October 22nd is your last chance to take a look at some of the most powerful political art to emerge from southern Sweden, as Malmö transformed into a bustling city in the 1960s and the two decades that followed. Focusing on what the Modern Art Museum (Moderna Museet) describes as “revolt, dreams and passions”, this exhibition offers a chance to soak up some Scandinavian cultural history. Adult tickets cost 70 kronor.

Malmö's Moderna Museet. Photo: Drago Prvulovic/TT
4. 30s: Gentlemen and Gangsters, 2lång kvarterscen, Gothenburg
You can cross the Atlantic and experience what it was like to be in a New Orleans jazz bar in the 1930s October 29th. The Gentlemen and Gangsters group is heading to Gothenburg's 2lång kvarterscen where they will pay tribute to jazz giants from to Duke Ellington. Tickets cost 150 kronor.

The sound of trumpets and saxophones will transport you to the 1930s. Photo: Wally Santana/TT

5. 20s: Lindy Hop at Chicago, Stockholm
Rewind to the 1920s with a trip to Chicago Dance Studios in hipster neighbourhood Södermalm this week to get a lesson in Lindy Hop. Every Wednesday between 6.45pm and 8pm you can take an introductory class before relaxing with a drink and watching the city's experts swirl around the vintage dance hall in the free social session that follows. Lessons cost 100 kronor.

Chicago Dance Studio. Photo: Henrik Montgommery/TT
 Looking for more things to do in Sweden? Check out our interactive guide below.



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