Can you guess Sweden’s ‘sexiest’ names in 2015?

If you’re single and looking for a Swedish boyfriend or girlfriend, a survey from dating website, eDarling, might help you refine your search - it's uncovered the country’s sexiest, cleverest and funniest names.

Can you guess Sweden’s 'sexiest' names in 2015?
Photo: Pixabay

37,000 people responded to the survey that asked participants which names they found sexiest, smartest and funniest.

Lucas was deemed by far the sexiest male name while Alicia edged out Melissa for girls.

If you want a clever chappie then aim for a Fred, while an Isabel should keep brainy boys on their toes.

If it’s laughs you’re after, however, a Charlie or an Anna-Karin should tickle your fancy.

Have your eye on a foxy Swede? Better check the lists below.

Sexiest boys:

1. Lucas

2. James

3. Fred

4. Felix

5. Marco

Sexiest girls:

1. Alicia

2. Melissa

3. Olivia

4. Gabriella

5. Natalie

Smartest boys:

1. Fred

2. Örjan

3. Antonio

4. James

5. Jakob

Smartest girls:

1. Isabel

2. Anna-Karin

3. Olga

4. Olivia

5. Catharina

Funniest boys:

1. Charlie

2. Tobbe

3. Christoffer

4. Jacob

5. Kristoffer

Funniest girls:

1. Anna-Karin

2. Lovisa

3. Isabella

4. Li

5. Natalia