Paris terror attacks

Vandals attack Swedish government buildings

Vandals attack Swedish government buildings
Green party co-leader Gustav Fridolin at a conference in Örebro in the summer. Photo: Kikki Nilsson/TT
The regional headquarters of Sweden's ruling coalition parties the Social Democrats and Greens (Miljöpartiet) were both vandalized on Saturday morning, in what is thought to be a reaction to the Paris terror attacks.

The Social Democrats’ headquarters in Örebro in central Sweden had its windows smashed and there was graffiti daubed on the storefronts, Ulrika Sandberg, a spokesperson for the Social Democrat party in the city told Swedish newspaper, Expressen.

“We and the Green Party were attacked in the same way and the other parties were not.”

“There is some damage and vandalism, but we have reported the incident to the police and an investigation is pending,” said Henrik Karlsson, the Green party’s press spokesman.

“I do not want to speculate on anything but our analysis is that it occurred in connection with the Paris attacks and that it is anger focused against the government parties.”

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A post by the Örebro Social Democrats on their Facebook page claimed that “the attack has political overtones aimed against us as a party. This is, of course, a worrying social development.”

Earlier in the day it was revealed that one Swede had died in the attack in Paris on Friday night and another was injured in the violence that left around 120 people dead and 250 wounded.

The Islamic State jihadist group Isis has claimed responsibility for the terror, while French President François Hollande has called the attacks “an act of war”.