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Who wrote refugee love letter found on beach?

Who wrote refugee love letter found on beach?
Refugees on the Greek island of Samos. Photo: Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman/SvD/TT
A Swedish newspaper has launched a campaign to find the owner of a love letter that recently washed ashore on a beach in Greece, apparently written and lost by a refugee.

A journalist sent to the island of Samos to cover the refugee crisis for Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper found the letter in a waterproof bag on beach where boatloads of migrants have been arriving daily from Turkey.

The tabloid said it wanted the public's help to return the emotional letter to its rightful owner.

“Maybe they are together, or maybe life has forced them apart (…) We are asking you who are reading this to share it on one of your social media channels on the internet,” it said.

It went on to quote a number of lines from the letter: “My Rose, I promise you, I will love you until the last minute of my life. I promise you, I will not let anything separate us, whatever happens.”

The letter was found on October 29th and is being kept at Aftonbladet's office in Stockholm. Written in Iraqi Arabic, the letter is signed by Hamody, a nickname often used for Mohammad or Ahmad.

More than 800,000 people desperately fleeing war and misery have landed on Europe's shores since the beginning of the year, according to the UN refugee agency.

Up to 190,000 are expected to apply for asylum in Sweden over the whole of 2015.

Do you know who sent the letter? Email [email protected] to help us find the writer