90-year-old Swede fined for beating wife

A 90-year-old man has been found guilty of assaulting his 88-year-old wife by a court in northern Sweden, although he was excused a prison sentence on account of his advanced age.

90-year-old Swede fined for beating wife
The court in Ångermanland judged the man guilty of assault. Photo: Ångermanland Court
According to the judgement from Ångermanland district court, the man flew into a rage after being unable to find his wife’s sleeping pills, dragged her onto the floor, poured water on her, stomped on her head, and then hit her with a wooden chair. 
The wife was so terrified by the sudden outburst of violence that she did not telephone the police and emergency services until her husband fell asleep on a chair in the living room in their flat in a housing complex for elderly people. 
She was treated in hospital for injuries to both sides of her face, her right shoulder, neck, right forearm and hand, as well as her left wrist, back, right hip, knees and lower legs.
During the trial, the man admitted to having dragged his wife onto the floor, pulling her hair, and pouring water on her, but denied carrying out more violent acts.
Although such a serious assault would normally merit a prison sentence, he was let off with a fine.