Swede awaits gnome theft spree ruling

Swede awaits gnome theft spree ruling
Some garden gnomes unassociated with the thefts. Photo: Pixabay
A woman in her 50s is awaiting sentencing after she was accused of stealing garden gnomes, pot plants, and a computer on a five day thieving binge.

The Swede is alleged to have trawled through a residential area of a Gothenburg suburb in September, targeting garden gnomes and pot plants left outside in people’s gardens, according to reports in regional newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

The woman was arrested and later handed in a selection of gnomes and other stolen items to a police station. But she was then accused of stealing a computer bag from outside Gothenburg District Court.

This time she was caught on surveillance cameras and was arrested again. The computer was traced to underneath the insulation in the loft of a relative’s house.

During the subsequent police interrogation, the woman admitted the thefts and said that she steals things when she drinks alcohol and takes her medication at the same time.

Jan Nicklasson, chief investigator at Varberg police, told the Göteborgs-Posten: “She is afflicted with a form of kleptomania.”

The woman's trial has just wrapped up at Varberg District Court and a ruling is expected on Thursday, December 3rd. In addition, the woman was charged with four counts of receiving stolen goods and a case of driving without a license.