Why Stockholm startups ‘have it all’ for Millennials

Dedicated, creative Millennials are flocking from all corners of the world to join Stockhom's startup scene. So what's the big deal? We asked - they answered.

Why Stockholm startups 'have it all' for Millennials
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Emily, Ariel, Kirill, and Shabnam have very different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and tastes.

But they all have at least one thing in common: they’re all so-called Millennials who have been absolutely captivated by the Stockholm startup world.

Moving to Stockholm - why it's home to the next generation

In Stockholm even large companies, like Swedish unicorn King, manage to “keep the startup spirit” in the heart of the business, says Frenchman Ariel.

“Everything is made to be creative, and it's a great place to grow personally and professionally.”

“I think I must be the happiest person in the world,” agrees Kirill, 31, from Russia.

“I’m working in a great team in an exponentially growing ass-kicking Stockholm startup, and I have a great social life and personal development outside of my job.”

But what is it that makes Stockholm the perfect match for this powerful generation? Is it the diversity, like Shabnam says, the chance to work with the world’s most creative minds, or something else entirely?

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But be warned – you might just get hooked. As Emily says, “Once you get a taste for the Stockholm startup work style and environment, you don't want to leave.”

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