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Five great events to help you avoid Christmas

Five great events to help you avoid Christmas
Press photo for Bollywood movie Bajirao Mastani
Bored of Christmas carols and gift wrapping already? Or simply want to escape the hype? Here are our favourite events that have nothing to do with Christmas, alongside our regular listings table.

1. Nature in Sweden

If you are curious about Sweden's animals and nature then head to Stockholm's Naturhistoriska museet (Natural History Museum) in Stockholm which is currently offering a crash course in Nordic wildlife, from elks and bears to small insects.  

When: December 16th – December 31st, 10am-6pm. 

Where: Naturhistoriska museet, Stockholm

Tickets: 100 kronor

In Stockholms Natural History Museum you have the chance to see Sweden's nature and animals in a close up. Photo: Staffan Waerndt.

2. Natten#33: Dance for a better world 

On Saturday 19th of December you have the chance to dance – and help to create a better world at the same time! The event Natten is arranged by Stockholm's Stadsmission, a state-funded charity project designed help people who are homeless or vulnerable. We can't guarantee this event will be totally free from Christmas songs, but this is a party that hopes to improve lives year-round.

When: December 19th, 9pm-3am

Where: Färgfabriken, Stockholm

Tickets: Pre-event tickets have already sold out online, but 500 more tickets will be released on the door, costing 300 kronor each.

On Saturday 19th of December you can dance for a better world. Photo: John Artur Creative House

3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The world premiere of the new Star Wars movie took place earlier this week and the movie seems to be a bigger deal than Christmas for many people. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens you get to see what happens 30 after Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. And when it's -5C outside, there are few places we would rather be than at a cosy cinema screening.

When; December 16th.

Where: Nationwide

Tickets: Prices vary, check the SF bio website for local information

4. Havtorn Records Festival

The Havtorn Records Festival in Gothenburg had its premiere three years ago and the popular hipster event has evolved into an annual tradition. If you are tired of listening to Christmas music this is the perfect antidote, allowing you to listen to jazz, pop and soul from decades gone by.

When: December 18th at 7.00pm and December 19th at 9.00pm.

Where: Oceanen, Stigenbergstorget, Göteborg

Tickets: 100 kronor

If you are tired of Christmas music you can visit Havtorn Records Festival. Photo: Havtorn Records.

5. Bajirao Mastani

This week the Bollywood movie Bajiro Mastani will be shown in cinemas in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg. The movie is about a romance between an Indian General and his second wife. The Indian entrepreneur behind the project told The Local earlier this month, that he was hoping that Swedish residents would get a taste for South Asian culture from watching the movie, without having to leave their armchairs.

When: December 19th, times vary

Where: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg.

Tickets: Prices vary


Check out our interactive calendar below for both non-festive and festive events taking place throughout Sweden this week.



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