Watch this Swede going to shops – by snowboard

Watch this Swede going to shops – by snowboard
Stock picture of another snowboarder. Photo: AP Photo/Odd Andersen
An adrenaline-fuelled video showing a Swede racing through his village on his snowboard has grabbed headlines in Sweden.

Snowboarder Petter Löfgren published the video on Facebook showing him using the unusual means of transport to get from his home in Vilhelmina in northern Sweden to the town centre.

The viral video, which had been shared around 200 times by Wednesday, sees the 29-year-old daredevil easily taking on slopes, fences, school yards and roads during the two-minute run which ends at a local streetwear store.

“It's a relatively easy environment compared to the forest. It's kind of like taking your bicycle,” Löfgren told regional newspaper Västerbottens-kuriren after the clip hit the headlines.

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Grattis alla boende på Larco. Det är nu fullt möjligt att åka utförs hela vägen till vår allas favoritbutik HAGEL…

Posted by Petter Löfgren on Saturday, 19 December 2015

But when contacted by The Local he revealed had been inundated with calls about the video and played it down, saying it had only been a test run which he had not thought would attract attention.

The Swede said he was rehearsing for a bigger and better run, which he has not yet been able to carry out due to the limited snowfall so far in the Nordic country, which has seen a record-warm winter.

“I had intended to jump down a small cliff. We need more snow for that. (…) Because it's Christmas I would like to do something more poignant, like finishing the run by donating money to a homeless person,” Löfgren told public broadcaster SVT.