About the SI News Service

Welcome to the SI News Service, an exclusive news service operated by The Local in partnership with the Swedish Institute (SI).

The SI News Service publishes exclusive feature stories during the academic year for members of the Swedish Institute's Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL)

The SI News Service was launched by The Local Europe AB in September 2014 with support from the Swedish Institute as a service for international students who are pursuing university-level studies in Sweden with financial assistance from SI.

The Local is responsible for creating and managing SI News Service exclusive content while SI provides guidance and manages direct relations with NFGL members.

In addition to publishing exclusive feature stories, the SI News Service sends NFGL members a weekly newsletter featuring a summary of the week's news in English, with the aim of stimulating their interest in, and understanding of, Sweden, Swedish society, and current events. The SI News Service is also designed to strengthen the NFGL network of SI scholarship recipients by providing members with opportunities to contribute their own stories. 


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