This is the man who created Sweden’s massive snow penis

The man who used a snow blower to plough a massive member into a Gothenburg field earlier this week has spoken to The Local, as his home video of the event goes viral.

This is the man who created Sweden's massive snow penis
Emilian Sava, 39 and his dog (left) and the famous snow penis. Photos: Emilian Sava
Emilian Sava, a cleaner from west Sweden, has become something of a global celebrity this week. The cleaning company he works for in Gothenburg removed a controversial penis drawing that had mysteriously appeared in snow on a frozen moat in the city. But after a huge social media campaign against his actions, he took it upon himself to produce another even bigger one.
Sava's new creation is so huge it can only be identified as a penis from the sky. 
The 39-year-old told The Local on Thursday that he had used a snowblower, typically designed to clear fallen snow from pavements or roads, to create the image.
By attaching a camera to a drone hovering beside him, he managed to capture the whole thing on video. While he uploaded it to YouTube on Tuesday, it's click-count didn't balloon until later in the week. However by Friday lunchtime it had more than 87,000 views.
“That something like this could get so hyped I did not count on,” he told The Local with a chuckle.
While Sava regularly makes films in his spare time, he insisted that the project was not designed to be covert marketing either for himself or the cleaning firm he works for.
“There has not been any negative reaction except some people believing this was a PR-trick (…) That is not the case,” he said.
Sava, who has lived in Gothenburg since moving to Sweden with his Romanian parents when he was nine, says he's fully aware that his snow penis prank fits in with the city's well-documented sense of fun.
Known as 'Göteborgshumor' (Gothenburg humour), locals love to crack witty jokes, often using puns.
“You can't get something more 'Gothenburg' than this,” he laughed loudly.
“It's fun!”
Interview by Emma Lidman