Swedish racing dog does poo and then takes gold

It takes a special kind of athlete to pull far ahead of the rest of the other runners, and then, just three metres from the finishing line, stop and take a gigantic dump.

Swedish racing dog does poo and then takes gold
Cajsa Grape and her dog Norton competing in December. Photo: Cajsa Grape/Facebook
But that’s exactly what Norton, a short-haired German pointer, did on Thursday seconds before he took gold in the Swedish national sled dog (draghund) championships. 
“He really, really needed a poo,” his owner Cajsa Grape told The Local. 
“At first I tried to make him run, but I know that when he runs, he poos very quickly and he was a long way ahead of the next racer, so I just let him do it. It was lucky that it wasn’t a neck-and-neck race.” 
In the competition, highly trained dogs drag weighted sleds, with their handlers following behind on skis shouting out instructions. 
According to Grape, 24, who is training to be a vet, handlers encourage their dogs to defecate before the races begin by inserting matchsticks into their anuses. 
“It didn’t work this time, because he was a little bit stressed before the race,” she explained. “He wanted to run so much that he didn’t have time.”
“During the race, his stomach started working and then a few hundred metres before the finishing line, I saw him go out to the side, and I knew that he wanted to poo.” 
According to Grape, Norton is one of the best sled dogs competing in Sweden today.  
“He is very easy to train. I just need to focus on making sure that he doesn’t get too tired, because he thinks it's such fun. His brain is the strongest part of him.” 
“I think maybe I will get a dog like him once in a lifetime.” 
Christer Ornby, a sled dog expert, told Sweden's SVT broadcaster, that, pooing aside, the race was the best he had ever seen. 
“I have not seen such an impressive run ever before,” he said. 


Would you wear this bizarre Swedish poo emoji sweater?

Fashion is often portrayed as a serious business but Swedish giant Acne Studios has proven its sense of humour with the launch of a new emoji-inspired collection – including a sweater with poo on it.

Would you wear this bizarre Swedish poo emoji sweater?
Poo at premium prices. Photo: Acne Studios

The Scandinavian nation's biggest clothing export after H&M, Acne Studios is known for its high fashion, but that hasn't stopped designers from having a laugh with their latest range.

The new line of T-shirts, sweatshirts and knitwear carries prints and embroideries of emojis, including oversized doughnuts, pig noses and hotdogs.

For the uninitiated: emojis are small digital images used to communicate an idea quickly on digital platforms. Think anything from smiley faces to hearts and even foodstuffs. Oxford Dictionaries even named one of them – the “Face With Tears of Joy” – as their 2015 Word of the Year

To young people, this means something. Photo: Acne Studios

The emoji-inspired piece from the Acne Studios range that stands out the most isn't a smiley face or something you should eat though.

One black jumper carries a distinct brown swirl on the left side of the chest, complete with face. The brand called the symbol a “brown swirl of mousse” in its press release, but they aren't fooling anyone. It's clearly the poo emoji.

Fun or otherwise, high fashion still doesn't come cheap. Anyone desperate for a hotdog T-shirt or a poo sweater will still need to fork out a premium: items in the range start at 120 euros and go up to 400. Crying emoji

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