How 50 daring ducks stopped traffic in northern Sweden

How 50 daring ducks stopped traffic in northern Sweden
A different group of ducks to the one in the story. Photo: Wilfredo Lee/TT
A group of ducks have stopped traffic in Sweden after crossing the road to go on an adventure.

Traffic in the northern Swedish town Sandviken ended up at a standstill over the weekend when a group of around 50 ducks decided to cross a busy road.

A group of 50 ducks stopped the traffic in Swedish town yesterday afternoon. Photo: Fredrik Selgeryg. 

Fredrik Selgeryd, 27, was one of the drivers who had to stop for the determined feathered animals. He told The Local that the creatures took around five minutes to make their way to the opposite pavement, creating a mini traffic jam.

“We just laughed at the whole thing,” he said.

Describing the incident as “pretty random”, the driver added that he was not bothered by the delay.

He used his spare time to take photos of the unusual group outing.

Where the ducks were heading remains a mystery. 

The quacking birds are not the first animals to stop traffic in the Nordic country. There have been multiple reports of elk and reindeer taking their time to cross highways in northern Sweden.

Meanwhile a Swedish beaver is believed to have felled a tree which blocked a road in Östergötland in 2013.