This kids’ note to police is just the cutest job application

This kids' note to police is just the cutest job application
Possibly the cutest letter ever sent to officers. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Jessica Gow/TT
Swedish police's recruitment process just got a whole lot easier. This touching letter was sent in by three children wanting to offer their services as 'spies' if officers should require any extra cover.

The heart-warming letter went viral in Sweden on Wednesday after it was shared by police in Haninge, south of Stockholm, in a message on social media.

Translated into English, it starts: “Hi Police. My friends and I are wondering if we can help with any crimes. We are nine and seven years old. My name is Stella and my little brother is called Malte and my friend is called Moa-Li.”

It goes on to list their credentials and vocation-related interests.

“We like to play football and draw, but best of all is spying.”

However, the hand-written job application ends on a caveat.

“But we don't want to be involved in any too dangerous crimes.”


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ETT GLÄDJEBREVIgår kom ett brev till oss. Det var av den sorten som man blir genom-glad av och det har nog snart lästs…

Posted by Polisen Haninge, Nynäshamn on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

By noon on Wednesday the Facebook post had received more than 17,000 likes and had been shared more than 1,200 times, with Swedes overwhelmed by the sheer cuteness.

“It was that kind of thing where you get totally happy and it will probably soon have been read by everyone at the station with a smile on their faces,” police inspector Pär Lundqvist wrote on Facebook, after revealing the note had been put up on the wall at the station.

He later told the Aftonbladet tabloid that they had been in touch with the mother of one of the budding detectives, promising to make sure they were recognized for their drive.

“The children were just as happy that we got back to them as we were to get their letter. We have promised to follow up in some way, either letting them come to us or by going to them,” said Lundqvist.

“It happens that we get thank-you and fan mail, but it's not very common. And usually if we do get thank-you letter, they are from adults. So we were very pleased about this.”

It is not the first unusual note to police that has gone viral in Sweden. One reveller scribbled an apology for his foul behaviour after spending the night in the drunk tank last April: “Peeing is something you do in the toilet and no other place. Keep up the good police work.”

Another wrote a review of his overnight stay at a station in Umeå, northern Sweden, recommending officers to invest in a coffee machine to help combat hangovers. “Three stars out of five,” he commented on the experience. “Would go again.”