Swede finds 86-year-old condom at grandma’s

Swede finds 86-year-old condom at grandma's
The condoms were made out of silk. Photo: SVT
A man in Sweden took a set of strange silk objects he found under his grandmother’s bed to a TV antiques show, only to discover they were 86-year-old condoms.
“They were found under grandma’s bed in the 80s,” the man from Malmö said as he brought the objects to the Swedish antiques show 'Antikrundan', according to Expressen newspaper. “Grandad bought them. He died in 1939, so these are from the 1930s.” 
The condoms, made of tightly woven silk, hardly seem like reliable prophylactics, although, according to the show's antiques expert Joakim Bengtsson, they were an advance on sheep’s intestines. 
As to their value, Bengtsson seemed a little stumped. 
“I don’t think we have valued condoms in Antikrundan previously, he said. “They’re just perfect these things, so there must be some value in them.” 
“But we’re just a bunch of nerds who like this kind of stuff, so I’d say I’d give a thousand kronor ($120) for these. It’s absolutely wonderful. Great fun that you came here with them.” 
The show, based on the Antiques Roadshow, was broadcast on Sweden's SVT channel on Thursday.