Feb. 12: Art, Media, and Intermediality


Welcome to a transdisciplinary conference at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University: Art, Media, and Intermediality: Current Research at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics

In recent years, the concepts of media and intermediality have been widely used and explored in the Humanities. It has proved to be a rich and complex theoretical approach, often investigating relations between different media and modalities such as the visual, the literary, and the performative. Does this interest stem from a heightened awareness of the effects of materiality and mediality in the arts? Or does it follow from contemporary artistic practices, in art as well as in music, theatre, dance and literature? This one-day conference covers a range of subjects, approaches and time periods, highlighting the concepts’ flexibility. We seize the opportunity to explore a topic that mirrors the wide scholarly field of the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, one of the newest departments at Stockholm University and the largest within the Humanities.

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When: February 12, 9:15 – 18:00
Where: The Library, 300, Frescativägen 24E, Stockholm University