‘Pickpocket’ charged after video captures attack on mum

A man accused of hitting a mother who tried to stop him from stealing in Stockholm's Old Town is facing assault, attempted theft and molestation charges.

'Pickpocket' charged after video captures attack on mum
A subway train leaving Stockholm's Gamla Stan subway stop. Photo: Hasse Holmberg/TT

The suspect was arrested by police in Stockholm last month after security cameras captured the moment when the mother, accompanied by two young children, tried to stop a man from pickpocketing in one of the capital's tourist hotspots.

On Monday, Swedish media reported that he had been formally charged.

In the video, first shared by Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, a man was seen approaching a pensioner just after she rummaged in an open bag and started using her mobile phone, while she was walking up a flight of stairs at the Gamla Stan (Old Town) metro station in central Stockholm.

The younger woman was concerned about his behaviour and approached him, but he then turned on her, pushing her in the face, before spitting at her.

Police tracked down the suspect in January after the footage went viral in Sweden and even grabbed global headlines.

“I have worked as a police officer for over 40 years, this is among the worst things I have seen,” Stefan Tellqvist, a police officer working on the case, told Aftonbladet just ahead of the man's arrest in the north of the city.

“I will get him, if it's the last thing I do,” he added.

It was not immediately clear when the suspect's trial would get under way.


Man hospitalized after Gamla Stan stabbing

A man was rushed to hospital in Stockholm after being stabbed in the stomach in Gamla Stan late on Thursday night.

Man hospitalized after Gamla Stan stabbing

The incident occurred near Kornhamnstorg square in the popular tourist district of the Swedish capital, according to police.

The stabbing prompted a massive police response and two people who had initially fled the scene were later arrested.

The victim was outside at the time of the stabbing and was conscious when an ambulance took him to hospital. The extent of the man’s injuries remains unknown.

Police took up the hunt for a car which had reportedly left the scene shortly after the stabbing. Around 1am on Friday, two men were arrested in Solna, north of Stockholm.

They are now suspected of attempted murder, with an alternative charge of manslaughter.

“Now the two will be interrogated. We still don’t know anything about the motive or any other related information,” police spokesman Bj√∂rn Dahlberg told the TT news agency.

The attack was seen by several witnesses, according to police, who have yet to establish the identity of the victim.

Preliminary reports from the police indicated that the stabbing victim was a woman, but Dahlberg later explained the information was the result of a misunderstanding.

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