Five royal reasons Sweden’s Estelle is the coolest princess

Five royal reasons Sweden's Estelle is the coolest princess
Princess Estelle of Sweden. Photo: Sören Andersson/TT
Sweden's Princess Estelle turns six today. On her birthday, The Local takes a closer look at the reasons why she is Europe's coolest royal.

1. She'd rather have a hamster than a baby sibling

When Crown Princess Victoria was expecting Estelle's younger brother Prince Oscar back in 2016, she was repeatedly asked for hints about the baby's gender. But Estelle? She wasn't bothered. As her mum told reporters: “What she really wants is a hamster.” She's not afraid of stating her priorities. We respect that.

2. She's a true gal of the people

Estelle may be of royal birth, but with her gappy smile and love for pink hairbands and ponies she could be any other kid. In fact, a Swedish mum told The Local a couple of years ago that her own daughter looked so much like the princess that she struggled to tell herself apart from her royal doppelganger.

Can you spot the difference between five-year-old Mira and Estelle? Check out the pictures here.

Estelle (pink hat) helping herself to some popcorn. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

3. She's a total whizz at pretty much everything

If the royal family ever need some Swedish crispbread or Christmas holiday cookies for their next grand party, Estelle's got them covered. Seasonal greetings by the royal family have for example showed her hard at work preparing traditional goodies for the festive season with a rolling pin in her hand. And in another clip the young princess chef, then aged three, took command when preparing gingerbread snaps with her parents.

By the age of four she was also already out-performing her parents at one of Sweden's most-loved sports. Her dad, Prince Daniel, revealed to reporters that she's got him beaten on a pair of skis. Smiling proudly, he said: “She's much better than me. She's been out on the slopes every season during the past couple of years.”


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4. She always cheers for Sweden

The royals' main job is to represent Sweden abroad, and Estelle has already shown she does not mind donning the blue and yellow colours. And unlike her cousin Princess Leonore (who actually lives in London now) and Britain's Prince George, who both tend to act a little shy in public, Estelle does not mind taking centre stage. Here she is watching Sweden face Finland in an ice hockey tournament with her mum and dad:

Estelle cheering for the Swedish ice hockey team. Photo: Sören Andersson/TT

5. She loves her cousins (but is quite strict)

But despite being outgoing and easily becoming the main focal point of the room, Estelle is happy to take a step back to take care of her younger relatives. She's often seen looking out for her cousins Leonore and Prince Nicolas even in public, making sure that they behave like royals:

Estelle helping cousin Leonore get up. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

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