How many sex partners do Swedes have?

Swedes, eh? Love their sex. At least that’s what the world was led to believe when Scandinavians got a reputation for free love and loose morals a few decades ago.

How many sex partners do Swedes have?
Photo: Robert Henriksson/SvD/TT

But are Swedes really as likely to get saucy with a stranger as they are to put caviar from a tube on their egg sandwiches (i.e very likely indeed)?

Actually, and entirely predictably, Swedes are pretty much like everybody else. A new YouGov poll commissioned by the Metro newspaper shows that some of them find variety very spicy indeed, while others are as happy just to curl up on the couch in front of the cross-country skiing after finding the one person who keeps them satisfied.

But hang on, let's not pretend the country's sexual mores haven't changed at all over time. The survey does in fact support the notion that the sixties were as swinging as the seventies were steamy: 14 percent of Swedes aged 55 and over have had more than thirty sex partners. This puts the maturest cohort in the same bracket as people aged 35-54. 

“That’s not so strange,” sexologist Jack Lukkerz told Metro

“The generation born in the 1940s were the first to grow up in a permissive climate. They were teenagers in the 1960s, with flower power, when sex became more open,” he  added. 

“55 is no age any more. People who are 55 today are as active as younger generations.” 

The differences between men and women were more pronounced though, with fully 20 percent of men saying they’d had sex with more than 30 partners. 

YouGov interviewed a representative group of 1,517 people aged 18-74. The survey was carried out on March 11-14.  

Interviewees were asked one simple question: How many people have you had sex with? The blue bar, for example, shows that 18 percent of Swedes have had sex with six to ten people.  

That’s not so loose, is it? And anyway, who are we to judge?