Sweet! How cute is this child’s written candy confession?

A young Swedish candy thief's remorseful apology has melted hearts all over the internet.

Sweet! How cute is this child's written candy confession?
Left, the boy's note and right, Swedish parents and children buying pick and mix. Photo: Ica Kvantum/Gunnar Lundmark/SvD/SCANPIX

The apology, written in a child's handwriting, went viral in Sweden after Ica Kvantum Kronoparken grocery store, part of Sweden's biggest supermarket chain, shared it on its Facebook page.

“Hi Kvantum. On Thursday I stole a sweet. Sorry. I will never do that again. Here's some money. Sorry,” read the humble note.

The message was accompanied by a drawing of, presumably, a raspberry-liquorice skull, a beloved sweet in Sweden's mixed candy bags, popular among children and a guilty pleasure for many adults.

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Vi vill passa på inför helgen att förlåta denna kund. Det är aldrig bra att stjäla men desto bättre att erkänna när det…

Posted by ICA Kvantum Kronoparken Umeå on Friday, 18 March 2016

But the young thief need not worry about repercussions. The Ica Kvantum store revealed in their social media post over the weekend that he had already been forgiven.

“It is never good to steal, but all the better to admit when something's gone wrong,” they wrote in a message which quickly gained the attention of other customers.

“Aww, that's sweet,” commented one Facebook user. “Wonderful to see genuine honesty and responsibility,” wrote another.

Store manager Nina Högbom told The Local on Monday that she had been away on work-related travels when it happened, but said she and her colleagues were shocked at the attention.

“It's a very big and good thing to do by a little boy. It's nice that a sunshine tale gets noticed. The reason my colleagues posted it on Facebook was so that he and his parents would know that he's been forgiven,” she said.