Lost seal wins hearts after Swedish police rescue

What happened to the seal who tried to cross the road? Police in Gävle in northern Sweden gave him a fishy snack and helped him back into the water.

Lost seal wins hearts after Swedish police rescue
A picture of the seal on a path in Gävle. Photo: Polisen
The animal was first found trying to slide his way across a street on Monday morning by a passerby who swiftly alerted the police.
The rest of the story was recounted on the regional force's Facebook page, alongside a snap of the seal, which quickly went viral.
“The seal was in good spirits when the police arrived at the scene,” read the post, written by press spokesperson Mikael Hedström.
He added that the animal was coaxed back into a nearby lake with the help of a fish donated by a nearby restaurant.
Police had to lift the seal for the final part of the journey because it was “tired”, however it “swam and dived around” as soon as it returned to the water, said Hedström.
While seals can shuffle along by wriggling on their bellies and using their flippers, they are much better suited to a life in the water and usually lead a rather solitary existance besides coming ashore to mate every 12 months or so.

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Polispatrull blev kallad till centrala Gävle med anledning av att en sälkut hade hamnat lite fel i sin orientering. Sä…

Posted by Polisen Gävle, Sandviken, Ockelbo, Hofors on Monday, 4 April 2016

The operation in Gävle is one of a number of unusual animal rescues by police in Sweden in recent months.
Officers in rural Vemdalsfjällen recently helped find a new home for an abandoned sheep dog, while in Stockholm police confronted a runaway reptile.