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Four fun music events to put a spring in your step

Four fun music events to put a spring in your step
Susanne Sundfør is headlining a festival in Umeå this weekend. Photo: Cornelius Poppe/Scanpix/TT
Sweden's spring concert calendar is jam packed. Here's our pick of this week's gigs alongside our regular interactive events guide.
1. Umeå Open Festival
Northern Sweden's largest city is hosting a music and arts festival with a focus on anti-racism and feminism over the weekend, with artists selected for their musical and personal messages alongside their talents. Norwegian rising singer-songwriter star Susanne Sundfør is among the bigger names on the bill, while hardcore veteran Swedish punk band Refused is also expected to draw in the crowds. Tickets start at 295 kronor (around $36) for a daily pass and are available on Billetto.
2. Anna von Hausswolff and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
Singer-songwriter Anna von Haussswolff's 2010 album Singing from The Grave is already a Swedish classic thanks to the star's rich voice, distinctive organ sounds and poignant lyrics. The 29-year-old takes to the stage at Gothenburg's grand concert hall (Göteborgs Konserthus) on Saturday April 9th, performing alongside the city's symphony orchestra. Tickets cost 400 kronor ($49) with only a few left at the time of writing. Click here for tickets
3. Spring Ceilidh, Stockholm
Live music alongside “sometimes disorienting, often frantic, always fun” dancing is promised by the organizers of this Scottish dance gathering that's hoping to attract an international crowd in Sweden's capital. Music is pre-recorded, but there will be a live caller shouting out the dance moves. Those with Celtic roots are encouraged to bring their own kilts along, but the event is geared at beginners as well as veteran reelers. The dance takes place on Sunday April 10th for the bargain price of 80 kronor ($10). Click here for tickets.

Kilts are welcome but not compulsory at the gig. Photo: TT/AP
4. Tami T at the Queer Prom, Malmö
This Berlin-based artist loves to shock and while she is certainly not to everyone's taste, she is sure making an impact on the European electro scene. Her latest music video 'Despicable' shows her making out with herself, while a man with an enormous tattoo on his belly is the focus of her biggest song from last year, 'Strong Hands'. The artist is set to headine Malmö's Queer Prom this weekend, described by its organizers as “a night of dreams and chaos, glotter and sparkle, belly shots and kissing in photo booths”. The event takes place at new club Plan B. Tickets are available on Billetto and cost 120 kronor ($15).



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