Stockholm workers spend most time on social media

Stockholm workers spend most time on social media
The survey shows that more young people are using social media at work than older people. Photo: Christine Olsson / TT
One in three Swedes use social media at work every day, with Stockholm workers way ahead of the rest of the country, according to a survey conducted by IT company Centric.

Those who work in Stockholm are more likely than others to be found scanning their Facebook newsfeeds or Instagram accounts at their desk – 10.9% of them use social media at work for more than an hour a day.

That’s compared to only 5.8% of Gothenburg workers who spend a similar amount of time on social media.

The survey shows that more young people are using social media at work than older people. 

In the 18-29 age group 50.6 percent said that they spend fifteen minutes or more per day on social media. 

The corresponding figure for 45-64 years is 25.3 percent.

Social media expert Brit Stakston told Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, that these figures are to be expected.

“Social media is a very effective way to manage the details of our private lives – be it organizing day care for children or household chores.”

Stakston suggested that office workers probably spend less time on the phone having private conversations as a result of the convenience of social media.

Stakston also claimed that the spike in Stockholm office social media users was perhaps due to their jobs. “Perhaps more Stockholm respondents use social media for their job,” she said.

Swedes are renowned for being early adopters of new technology and for being very tech-friendly. 

Last year The Local reported that rising numbers of Swedes are regularly sharing and viewing photos on Instagram, with new figures suggesting more than three quarters of users in the Nordic nation are now active every day.